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Vancouver Day 2 - Salmon Hatchery

Sept 16th Thursday

  Busy busy day.  I woke up from my alarm at 8 and didn't want to get out of bed.  The bed's here are actually really comfortable.  When I did manage to get up.  I headed down for some free breakfast.  They actually had a decent spread of grains and carbs.  They had cereal with jugs of 2% milk, muffins, bisquits, raisin bread, bread, and bagels.  For spreads they  had big slabs of cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, and jam.  Because I knew I needed the energy I had a rather big breakfast.  It was a toasted bagel with loads of butter and some cold cuts, a banana I got yesterday, a yop, and some orange slices/OJ the hostel had for us. [Wow that was unnecessarily descriptive... but so is a lot of my journal]

  Afterwards, I packed up and headed to the mountain.  On the way I saw a big line waiting for the mall. Hardcore [Think they were lining up for H&M to open.  I think Vancouver would have been really fun for some of the shoppers in my circle of friends].  I took a sea bus which was pretty neat.  When I was taking the bus to North Vancouver, I saw the sign to capilano suspension bridge.  I had misunderstood all previous explanations, and somehow thought that the bridge led to the mountain.  I was wrong and got off at the bridge for them to tell me they are seperate attractions [I have no idea why I thought they were the same attraction.  I guess I didn't think they'd make a whole attraction off of a bridge].  I got a tip from the Slovenia guy that there was a hatchery for fish and I could see the salmon jump upstream this time of year.  The hatchery conveniently was between the bridge and the mountain.  I decided to do the fish, then mountain and swing back for the bridge.  The hatchery sign was 3 blocks away [uphill...], but pointed me 1km towards a park.  I walked towards the hatchery and there were lots of hiking trailes I passed by. [The trails were actually really nice.  If I hadn't spent so much time in nature already, I would have liked hiking there too]

  When I got there, it was pretty empty.  There were no workers, just an open attraction for those who know about it.

  When I got there, there was a man-made stream with windows allowing you to see the salmon under and over water [It was basically a cross section of a stream.  You could see the smaller weaker fish at the bottom and stronger fish up where the current was a bit stronger].  It was cool to see the salmon jump up the river, but it was annoying trying to film it.  They would jump sporatically, and I'd miss the jump on the video.  The hatchery steadily got tourists as asian tour buses came one at a time.  I left and headed back to the main road.

  I finally made it to the road, and was going to grab a bus to the mountain.  By this time I walked a bit over 2km already and it was noon.  Perfect time to start a hike...

[Too many pictures on my hike, going to split this one up]

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