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Vancouver Day 1 - The Arcade

When I got to Vancouver I realized I was super unprepared.  I had no idea where the bus terminal was in relation to downtown, nor did I jot the taxi #.  After calling the hostel, I got my bearings and headed to the hostel.  I saw a photobooth, and will come back for it.  [I had to pee in the train station when I first got off, which was awkward as I had a giant back pack and a guitar that I didn't want to get stolen.  I brought it into the large bathroom and found a relatively clean corner to put my guitar]

 On the train I had my pyjama pants still on and it remained that way till the hostel.  I had an irrational fear of getting pants'd on the way. [Seriously... I was actually paranoid some random stranger would pants me.  Also I felt like I was walking downtown in my pyjamas and everyone knew, even though my pj pants looked like black sweats]

I saw an arcade on the way and decided I'd swing back after dropping off my stuff.

  As I checked in, I bought some net time and went up to the room.  The location is right downtown so I'm close to everything.  The rooms seem decent, with only 4 bunks, 1 of which is empty.  There are lockers and a sink in the room.  I'm on the 4th floor, but I figure that's just less used bathrooms.  Plus, the elevator is right there.

When I headed back to the arcade I noticed a "18+ no minors allowed" sign.  I found this odd as it looked like a regular arcade (albeit with older games).  The games themselves were great.  Old street fighter 2 games, 1945 strikers, raiden I and II, SF3, Area 51, and a bunch of old classics.  Intrigued by the sign I wandered to the back expecting Video Lottery or old japanese dating sims [I remember seeing a few of adult themed video games in Japan].  Instead I found old wooden booths.  The booths looked like photobooths until I got closer and noticed that it had no curtain or seat, and only afforded room to stand 1 person in the space.  In that space was a small slot like a bouncer's eyehole slot and a coin dispense for 25 cents.  Of course I knew what it was, I just had a hard time believing that such a thing still existed, let alone existed at all.  I, of course, put a coin in, and the slot slid open and the sound of an old reel camera started.  The video was a poor quality porn from the 70s or 80s or something.  Given that it was a throwback to an old 5 cent picture box of old, I was surprised how hardcore the porn was [It was a close up of a DP.  I'll leave it at that].  I actually laughed out loud a little before heading back to the games.  I didn't actually stick around to see how long the thing lasted, but I figure for 25 cents, not long.  I later heard someone using it, and wondered what kind of person would use it.  It really was the poorest of the poor's way to access porn.  I wanted to snap a picture of the booths, but was afraid I'd snap a picture of someone coming out or the owner would see my camera and boot me out for making his clientelle uncomfortable.  I'll try again as I know I'll be asked for pictures. [I did go back and grabbed some pics a day or 2 later]

  After gaming with some old favourites, I went out and got some pizza at 'Mega Bite'.  The pizza was really good for a takeout slice, and the sesame seeds on the crust made it so much better.  [They had a really good roasted garlic sauce]

  I proceeded to wander around and look for a BMO.  After a bunch of misgiven and confused directions, I took out some money and checked my transactions.

[Splitting this one up, as I am running out of days left on this journal, and this entry was kinda long]

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