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Banff - Up the Mountain

 I ducked into a mall that was an hour from opening and went into their washroom to wash, change into warmer clothes, and brush my teeth. [It was weird changing and brushing my teeth in a mall bathroom.  I felt very much like a drifter at this point]

  While looking for a breakfast joint, Dad called and I  updated him as best I could.  I'll call him again with set details.  I finally caved and now I'm in McDonalds with my eaten breakfast, writing and waiting for my camera battery to charge.  Hopefully the weather is better now. [I found a random wall plug at the McD's]


  Well the weather was slightly better. [Still pretty cold]

  I went back to the terminal and stashed my stuff behind the greyhound desk because there are no lockers in town or at the station.

  I got a phone card and some water from a convenient store and called mom then dad.  With my bus time deadline, I bussed out towards Sulpher mountain.

  The mountain was completely covered with clouds.  I found the trail and started up.  The sign said it was a 2h-5h hike, moderate -> strenuous.  I didn't recall such signs on my previous hikes.

  The trail itself was relatively clean and a bit gravelly.  It was basically a whole bunch of switchbacks all the way up the mountain face [switchbacks are those sharp U turns that makes you go back and forth slowly up the face].  Also it crossed under the Banff gondola (cable car) for much of it.

  I realized on my way up that this was my 3rd mountain in one week.  The path was tedious and leisurely.  I rarely had to stop at all for the first half.  The view was of course bright fog, so I didn't take a lot of pictures.  At one point I saw a side trail leading to a cool waterfall and view.

  The trail suddenly got steeper a bit before or after the half way point, but it was still very managable.
  At about an hour and a half.   I saw saw some french hikers going down.  Apparently I was only 10 mins away.  This home stretch was very muddy for some reason.  I saw a couple coming down when I was on the last switchback, and he said the peak might be closed from fog.

  I finished in about an hour and 40 mins.  This surprised me because I didn't feel I was going all that fast.  It must have been my lack of breaks.

  The clouds were just as thick at the top.  There was a little gift shop so I bought some mineral salts from the mountain (there are natural hot springs at the base of the gondola) for Nita and Colette.

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