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The long trek... a new day.

Sept 5th Sunday

So last night I went through 3 transients sitting beside me.  Thankfully I had both seats for most of the night, though it wasn't the best night of sleep.

Plastic bags that EVERYONE had.
Also, I was sleeping so I stashed my fruit in a bag hanging beside me (that I think is a garbage/barf bag).  Since there are a bunch of new ones, and that everyone has a pack of them, I figure I could put my fruit in it. [The fruit itself was in another paper bag]  I wake up to find the asshole ahead of me put his used coffee cup with gum in it into MY bag.  Why he didn't use his own is left to the mystery of the asshole.  so much for my fruit. [I really didn't like the guy in front of me.  He was sort of loud and rude.  Also, he put his seat back when he first got on.  Was really not a classy guy]

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