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The long trek... furry.

The one normal seeming guy I met turned out to be a furry.  I have nothing against him for that, but furries tend to have an awkward way of socializing.  He dresses as a female anthro character at cons apparently... interesting dude.

Me at a stop at... uhh... somewhere.

[I met him at a brief stop when I was stretching my legs.  With all the older people, europeans, or just plain weirdos on the bus, I was glad to see there was someone a bit younger and normal seeming.  He liked manga and we talked about cons... then I found out about his furryness.  That's 3 I've met in my life... I think I attract these people somehow.  Also, I don't think I'll be posting his picture on this blog =P]

Uhh... okay?

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