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Edmonton Day 3

The most docile cat at an antique store... that Wakana still managed to get to bite her.
The next day I woke up really late and we had more egg and toast.  We headed over to White ave., which had a lot of hipster and specialty stores.  While there, we browsed an antique store, a vintage clothing store, a retro 50s/60s store, and even a store that specializes in silver skull rings.  Strangely enough, the skull ring store was owned and operated by a kindly typical looking, middle aged chinese guy. [This was actually a really fun day of exploring and discovering odd and rare things.  I found a bunch of old comics at the retro store, and a bunch of strange pawn shop and kitschy things from store to store.  It also rained pretty hard halfway through and we stopped for coffee.  For some reason we were pretty low energy all day and all yesterday.  I'm guessing it was the dreary weather]

Wakana and big yellow underwear.

  We headed back and stopped for dinner at a pizzeria.  According to Wakana, the owner shipped in an oven and fresh ingredients to make an authentic old-world pizza.  We ate the pizza (saving some slices for hebs) and headed back to continue our Full Metal marathon. [Pizza was delicious, but there was a big line at the door to get in.  Still worth the trip out]  

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