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Lookback - Son of God Release

Hello again everyone!

I am making this blog post as a thank you to everyone who supported me on my release.  I was honestly quite scared that it was going to end up very quiet and awkward but I was reminded once again how awesome all of my friends and family are.


I had a chance to talk to a lot of really great people who were willing to support a small indie writer and get his name out.  I had a blast talking with all of you, and really appreciate you coming out.  Also, I got to meet some other local creators who were thinking about doing their own projects.  This was definitely one of my highlights.  I love talking to other creators, and I have to say that it's great when I can pass on the encouragement that I've gotten from the people in my life.  If you are a local Ottawa creator, please give me a shout if only to chat a bit.


Finally, I have to get to all the special thanks.  This may be boring for most of you, but I these people have really shown their support on my release.  First off, I'd like to thank The Comic Book Shoppe for hosting me.  They set up the tables before I got there, and I really hit the ground running.  For my family, I want to say thank you to Rachel and Kevin for being so supportive.  My friends helped fill the store and really made the day a blast, so I'd like to thank Jenn, Grace, Ricky, Jenn, Meaghan, Martin, Steve, David, Issa, Matt Kwon Do, Damith, Michel, Muoy, Bos-man, James, Tom, and Stacey.

Thank you Nita for being amazing as always, and to Parker, my son, who inspired me to not just start, but to follow through.

Books have arrived!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update that my copies of 'Son of God' have arrived!  On top of this, I have also gotten my stickers that will help promote my website too!  Everything is really coming together and it's pretty exciting to see this finally happening.  Here are some pictures I took with my phone to mark the arrival of my stuff.

My books have arrived!

My books have arrived!

My stickers have arrived too!

My stickers have arrived too!

You can grab a book from me and I'll throw in a sticker.  The release will be on August 9th at the Comic Book Shoppe @ 228 Bank Street, Ottawa, ONT.  Hope to see you there!

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