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Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone!

It's a pretty exciting Christmas for my family and I.  It's my son's FIRST!


Cliche as it is, I really can't believe that he's almost one year old now.  It's pretty neat how having a family really changes your outlook on Christmas.  I'm really reminded of how much I genuinely loved the holidays as a kid.  I have pretty distinct memories of being at my cousin's house, and they would sometimes have those blueberry candy canes hanging from their tree.  We'd play his genesis and run around for reasons unknown all day.  Slowly Christmas became less and less important to me... and everyone else for that matter.  I'm realizing now that kids will breathe new life into the holidays for me, and I really look forward to seeing Parker build some of those memories for himself.  


So to that, I wish you all a really great Christmas to you and all your families.  Try to think back and remember some of your favourite Christmas memories.  Cheers!

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