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Grid Drawings

Back before I moved out of my parents house, I saw a sale for a bunch of Alpha Design markers.  For those who are unaware, this are markers in the vein of the much more popular Copic markers.  I was struck with interest and decided that I'd do some old fashion grid drawings to challenge myself and work on something.  I have to state this very clearly, I am not an artist.  I doodle from time to time, but I don't consider myself good at drawing.  This is why I use the grid method in the first place

The grid method is something I learned in highschool.  Basically, you draw a grid on whatever it is you want to copy, and then draw a larger grid on whatever you're working on (in my case, a 16 x 20 inch art board).  You copy the picture out square by square which lets you cheat and feel like you're better at drawing then you actually are.

Let me stress that I DID NOT DRAW THE ORIGINALS.  My first piece was of Spider-man, drawn by J. Scott Campbell.  For those who don't know him, please check out his work here.  He is an amazing comic artist turned cover artist and specializes in drawing beautiful women.

This gallery helps show the inking and the coloring that I did.

This next one was a grid drawing was of Batman that I did for my sister.  She is not an avid comic reader so she left it up to me to decide which image to take.  I of course went to the Batman by Jim Lee in the book Hush.  It was a great book and was a stepping stone towards him being a power player over at DC.  This one isn't my best, and it's hard to get the face right when you compare it to the original.  I have no process pictures in this gallery, sorry.

The last one was a gift to my wife, who was my girlfriend at that time.  I wanted to do something a lot more intricate and I really loved the Mary Jane/Peter Parker romance before they broke up their marriage in the comics.  The problem was, Mary Jane isn't drawn very conservatively in the comic world, and I wanted the picture to be more endearing.  Enter in Adrian Alphona who did this great cover for the girl targeting title "Spider-man Loves Mary Jane".  I've never read it, but the cover really grabbed me so I gridded up and thankfully took some process pictures seen in the gallery below.

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