Cedrick Lui

The personal website of Cedrick Lui, used to promote and present his projects as well as act as a blog.

Random Projects

Left 4 Dead 2 Map

This is a map that I did for Left 4 Dead 2.  I finished the map, but never got around to doing the final touches to make it playable in versus mode.  Click to see the process as well as some videos showing off the almost-completed map.

Nostalgic Nights

I was in college when I decided to buy a keyboard.  From that experience I composed a song.  Click to hear the poorly recorded song (the thumbnail is a picture of me at age 8).


Late in my life, I started to get into Dungeons and Dragons.  I was originally going to post my entire campaign onto this site, but it would involve too many pages and too much work.  Instead, I used obsidian portal to help post and organize my campaign so that it runs like a wikipedia page.  Click to enter my fantasy world.

Background images by C. H. Kim. All images are © Cedrick Lui unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.